CIT/ JC Weekend 2020


I know it's not the same, not even close, but we put this together for a taste of camp and some of the most important parts of CIT/JC weekend training. 

Thank you for joining this! You all are so much of why camp is able to function. While you are still having fun and playing your new role, you are making it so the younger kids can have the same camp magic you grew up with. 

You are imperative to camp and I know myself, and many others, absolutely loved our CIT and JC years. I found that having responsibility and being behind the scenes whether with classes or program or just in the dorms, was incredibly rewarding.

SO! Please look through the whole site, submit your #WhyICamp or take the quiz below, and reach out to a camp friend! We hope to see you all this summer!

-Leah Forester

CIT/JC Director 2020

staff 2019.jpg